Nicole Low, mother of 2

“I have gone to a few of Creatopia’s workshops and I loved every single one of it. Each one of them are well thought out and specially put together for participants to have an amazing time. 

The camp was one of the highlights of my gals’ school holidays. They woke up every single day, excited to learn new skills at Creatopia. 

Shawnrick and Cheryl were fun and talented hosts who saw the best in the kids. We are blessed to have the chance to attend this unique workshop!

I am a believer of letting kids learn through different experiences and Creatopia has always managed to intrigue me with their one of a kind offerings!”

Anna Bervander, mother of 2

“Sent our boys for a 3 day camp during the Christmas school holidays. It was such a great experience for our boys! They were very excited every day telling us about the camp and what they had done. Great for building confidence and to let kids create and express themselves! They had a lot of fun as they got to explore creating a character and doing voiceovers and learning about body language and stage etiquette. Highly recommend!”

The Art of Public Speaking
Gareth Foong, 10

Thank you uncle Johnny for sharing us such useful tips and your “cheat sheet”. I really appreciate and enjoyed the course. I look forward for future opportunities. I learnt how to interact much better speak with more confidence. All your tips work flawlessly, like the hand gestures, they really can turn a boring speech into a speech that can change lives. The diaphragm tip can really project my voice and can boost my confidence.;):)”

The Art of Public Speaking
Ian Foong, 14

“I found today’s Public Speaking Workshop meaningful and overall a great experience. Before I entered this workshop, I found out that speaking in front of a large group of people makes me nervous and I was not able to deliver my speech with confidence as my mouth was ‘locked’. But after learning these simple exercises such as messaging my jaws to allow the muscles to relax, the way I spoke became clearer as I was able to open my mouth wide enough to deliver my message. The second skill set that I learnt today was to speak loud and clearly so that my audience would be able to hear what I say. This skill set is important not only to allow my audience to listen to me, but to also to capture the audience’s attention. Finally, my biggest takeaway from this workshop was that I finally understood that a good posture and hand gestures will leave a good impression to my audiences is very important. Instead of slouching when giving a speech, we should apply the stance posture and using the imaginary “box” to put our hands in it. 

All in all I really liked this workshop and I hope to attend it again. “