(Collaboration with The Blue Chapter)

Sew a cute Blue Whale for yourself while getting educated on the impact global warming has on some of these oceanic creatures. 




In doing our part for saving the Earth, Creatopia is collaborating with non-profit organization The Blue Chapter to bring you a meaningful & crafty project. SEW FOR GOOD aims to educate and raise awareness on the importance of ocean conservation.


You may not realise how big of an impact whales contribute to maintaining the health of our planet. But their population numbers are dwindling. That’s why we want to raise awareness on the important role that whales play in maintaining the health of our planet.


Each SEW FOR GOOD – DIY Whale Kit is packed in a cute, giftable & reusable cotton muslin bag and a plantable tag which you can scan to view the instructions on how to sew your whole Blue Whale, as well as information to the organizations that we are helping to fund with the purchase of each kit.


Includes an instructional video guide for you to follow along!


Part of the proceeds from the sale of these kits will go to non-profit organizations – Ocean Geographic Society’s Antarctic Climate Expedition 2023 and Humpback & High-rises so they can continue their efforts to keep the ocean ecosystems healthy.


Our Blue Whale is the first of our sea creatures sewing kit. More to come in due time – whale shark and green sea turtle.


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*Whale pattern from Ukrainian designer “CutePatternUA” on Etsy. Support Ukraine.