Mountain Scene by Shawnee

SGD 30.00


Painting Your Next Masterpiece Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Facing down a blank canvas can be overwhelming. Where do we start? What if we make a mistake? What if it’s not how we imagined it?


You’re not alone! Going from that blank canvas to a finished masterpiece is a struggle for so many of us. 


That’s why we designed the Creatopia Paint-By-Numbers Kit. With all the supplies you need to get started painting – and all the steps you have to follow – your masterpiece is just moments away.


More than just a beautiful work of art, though, our Creatopia Paint-By-Numbers Kit is our way of inspiring young artists to keep creating. We worked with local Singaporean artist Shawnee to bring you this stunning piece (which she created when she was just 10!) and to show her the power of her own creativity.


And with this kit, you’ll unleash your creativity, too. Included are a stretched framed canvas, three paint brushes, and acrylic paint, along with a box that’s easily converted into an easel stand, so you can start creating with friends and family as soon as you’ve unboxed.


Looking for an art project that’s as inspiring as it is achievable? Then order your Creatopia Paint-By-Numbers Kit now!


✔ Your Paint By Numbers Masterpiece - Just unbox the Creatopia kit to get started on your next masterpiece. Included is everything you need to create: 3 paint brushes, a 12x16-inch framed canvas, and numbered paint tubs on the included palette-like plate. Simply match the number of the paint with the numbers on the canvas to see your masterpiece come alive in minutes.

✔ Proudly And Easily Display Your Art - No fussing with crumbling canvases, annoying roll marks or frustrating canvases. Since it comes pre-stretched and with its own frame, you’ll save time and money without having to take it to the shop for a seamless painting experience. Plus, our packaging box is designed to minimize single-use; turning it into an easel or a display stand is a cinch.

✔ The Perfect Gift To Spark Creativity - With its attractive, lightweight box, all-in-one design, clear instructions, and beautiful painting, the Creatopia Paint-By-Numbers Kit makes for a delightful gift for birthdays, holidays, and more! Watch their faces light up as brush stroke by brush stroke they create this beautiful, evocative work of art. Surprise your friends and loved ones with their own kit today.

✔ Create An Unforgettable Moment - Make a memory to be treasured forever by sharing the act of creating this serene portrait of two Vietnamese women. Perfect for parents and children, grandparents and grandkids, and young siblings, this expressive art piece hanging in your home will continue to remind you of time well spent.

✔ The Power Of Supporting Local Artists - This unique painting of two Vietnamese women was created by Singaporean artist Shawnee when she was just 10 years old. Each Creatopia kit is an investment in the creative spark of young artists, an empowering call for them to reach for their dreams and continue creating art that’s as impressive as they are.

Ready to make your own masterpiece? Order your Creatopia Paint-By-Numbers Kit today!