How Do I Make My Product?

Do you have a treasure trove of awesome ideas but no clue how to make them a reality? Are you itching to turn those wild dreams into tangible, real-life goodies? Well, this course is here to turn your idea-filled head into a product-creating wizard.


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Now you have a treasure trove of ideas but no clue how to make them a reality? Well that’s exactly what this course is about!


We’ll cut through the noise and give you a no frills easy to follow guide as to how to turn your product ideas into reality! You’ll learn

  • how to source effectively
  • how to negotiate with suppliers
  • how to manage your cashflow by keeping costs low
  • how to ensure a quality product comes out at the end
  • how to calculate and estimate stock-take


By the end of this course, you’ll be the maestro of turning dreams into real-world awesomeness. Whether you want to be a creative entrepreneur or just make some cool products for fun, “How Do I Make My Product?” is your ticket to a world of product-making fun.


Don’t let your ideas gather dust in your head. Join us, and let’s bring them to life in style! Your creative journey starts here.