Writer and Graphic Novel Artist

Rixou is the writer and artist of local urban fantasy graphic novel series, 'Pandora's Scar'.


She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Architecture¬† from the National University of Singapore, and practised in the museum exhibition, commercial retail space and public and institutional building design industy for a few years before deciding to go full time into her passion for creating creating visual narratives.

Her debut work secured her a place at the National Art Council’s The Apprenticeship Programme, where she produced a short science fiction comic, “Kestrel:Snow”. Her next short comic ‘Ti Amo’, was published in PuraComixmag, Singapore’s first online comic magazine devoted to featuring the best of local original creations.


This light hearted story of two ordinary young people’s brush with magic received a Bronze Award of Excellence at the China-Wuhan 2nd Digital Arts Convention and caught the attention of renowned local comic publisher TCZ Studio, and became the basis for Pandora’s Scar- a sprawling graphic novel blending a modern day city setting with the demigods and creatures of classic Greek mythology.

For Rixou, one of the joys of creation is being able to reach out to and positively affect her readers. In line with her interests, Rixou is a MoE accredited AMIS (Art and Music Instructor scheme)  Instructor, and teaches both a regular class and school workshops with local top manga art instruction and production company, Ink Fusion.