Acrobatics Coach, Stardom Academy

When it comes to acrobatics, Reina’s name will come to mind. She is sought after by many parents looking to improve or include some ‘tricks’ in their children’s dance routine. She is the first in Singapore to be teaching the acro dance teachers association syllabus.


Reina started off training in gymnastics and dance and earned a major in ballet and completed her teaching certification with the Royal Academy of Dance and graduated in 2012.

She started teaching ballet to kids and saw that they can do more than just ballet. She decided to try out mixing in other genre and the closest that she can think of was acrobatic dance. And so she taught her kids basics gymnastics skills like handstand, rolls, walkovers and cartwheels and added these into their dance routine and the rest was history.

Reina has been teaching acrobatics for 4 years now. Her coaching style is one that is full of love but also strict discipline and emphasises a lot on practicing and training safely. 

All of her students are always given the opportunity to be exposed to competition such as the international dance competition “Get The Beat”. Recently some of the girls from her academy auditioned for the Child Aid 2019 and were selected to perform in it. 

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